What Is the European Medicines Agency (EMA)? What Is its Role?

The European equivalent of the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is the European Medicines Agency or... Read More

What Is CLIA and How Does It Function?

Safety is the top priority.  And, so, to ensure the safety of both plasma donors and patients who rely on them, first, plasma... Read More

People Caring For People

Donating plasma is people caring for people. It is the ultimate human-to-human connection where strangers help strangers live a more healthy and normal life. You can make a difference.

What is Source Plasma?

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Donating Plasma: A Brief History

There are more than 7000 rare diseases, and more are discovered every day.  Many of these diseases are treated — or, at least, their symptoms — with the help of plasma...
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Why Gay Men Cannot Donate Plasma: A timeline

In June 1981, a mysterious new disease was discovered in North America. The disease, then called Gay-Related Immune Deficiency (GRID), would go on to change the course of the nation's history.  Caused by HIV (Human...
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Octapharma USA Presents 3 Vital Studies on...

Every year, the American Society of Hematology (ASH) holds a conference — a medical congress — to go over the major advancements made in the field.   This year, of course, the conference — the 62nd — was held...
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